Edition Butorac was founded in 2000 by the violin player and teacher Tomislav Butorac. His aim was to publish sheet music that is faithful to the original text yet has a contemporary format and the added benefit of up to date fingering and bowing approved by experts.

String instrument literature is a core theme of our editions. We place special emphasis on works that have educational significance, each of which is available in a revised edition. All our publications are geared towards practical use, and they excel for both their musical professionalism and print quality.

Typical features of the sheet music published by Edition Butorac:

  • Editions are carefully edited, based on the oldest available sources (autographs, handwritings and first editions)
  • Foreword, in-depth revision report and detailed critical commentary (refers to original text / urtext editions)
  • Foreword and explanation of abbreviations, signs and symbols (refers to educational editions)
  • Sheet music is printed in a contemporary format, with fingering and bowing approved by experienced teachers and concert musicians, optimized for practical use
  • The original text is identifiable in solo parts, two. Additions by the editor are always indicated
  • Musical notes and typeface are very distinct (2400 dpi)
  • Clear layout, optimized page turns, very easy to read
  • Special emphasis on works of great educational significance

Edition Butorac publications are available from the publishing house Ice-LanD Music.

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